Executive Presence

What is Executive Presence?

How you show up. I know it when I see it. The x-factor. Executive presence is often described as having charisma, confidence and a polished professional image or presentation skills.

It may seem intangible at first but there are specific steps you can take that will excel you toward reaching your goals.

It’s a given that you have to master the technical skills required of your profession but having those skills alone are not enough.

It’s no mystery that you will succeed if you can engage, inspire, influence, and impact.

Discover the not so elusive qualities for self-improvement proven to mobilize your career aspirations

Those elements can be divided into a mix of three things:

  1. Communication - how you speak
  2. Appearance – how you look
  3. Gravitas – how you act


A leader with executive presence has excellent communication skills. This goes beyond being able to speak or write proficiently - the leader with executive presence communicates clearly, succinctly and composed with confidence, using energy, volume and authority. This leader has mastered the art of feedback and makes others feel special with active listening skills.


The first impression people have of you is based on your appearance. Your look and your non-verbal communication should say what people know, believe about you, and present the image you want to reach your goals. Body language, gestures, posture, eye contact, personal space, facial and voice expressions and wardrobe choices can get you noticed in a positive way or unknowingly detract.


A characteristic composed of multiple elements that makes people want to follow your leadership and collaborate with you.

Attributes of those with Gravatas include - character, confidence, self-esteem, depth of personality, eliciting respect, decisiveness, poise under pressure, impact, influence and a generous manner of treating others.

In a study of 268 senior executives surveyed, 67 per cent stated that gravitas is the most important factor when promoting an employee to a leadership position. 81 percent of people say they are unclear about how to act on it.

What’s in it for you?

  • Get the promotion you want
  • Maintain calm in difficult times
  • Build your business
  • Get your message heard
  • Command respect
  • Be recognized for your ideas and work
  • Better inspire others to act
  • Improve your credibility
  • Land the deal
  • Advance and accelerate your career
  • Quicly acilmate to a challenging new role
  • Cultivate and nurture key relationships
  • Raise your profile within yoor oganization  

Take a deep breath, and send that email today! Asking for help is the scariest part, lets connect and cha

What’s in it for the employer or organization?

  • Complement the onboarding process of new hires
  • Improve your succession plan by developing high potential employees
  • Build the influence of seasoned leaders
  • Fast track female executives 
  • Elevate interpersonal communication and collaboration skills of managers 
  • Create leaders that inpsire confidence 
  • Employees that are engaged with thier leaders are happier and more productive 
  • Strenghtens the organization's reputation 


Personal Branding

What is Personal Branding and why is it important? Your brand is how you present yourself in the workplace and in public. When I have clients who are being passed over for promotions or other opportunities for no obvious reason to them, it’s often an issue with their personal brand.  I can work with you, or your employees, to bring them in-line with the messaging of your organization.

Branding is about more than just wearing the right clothes and saying the right things though – it’s about establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Whether it's building an online presence through social media that creates momentum around your skill set, or developing your in-person skills, Personal Branding is about allowing you transition smoothly to a new position or into retirement.

Let me help you develop your online connections and branding to expand your career opportunities.

Dress for Success with a Professional Image

Dining and Entertaining Skills - Etiquette for Today

Cultivating Relationships

Don't Take My Word For It Though...

“Approachable and encouraging, Colette played a big part in building my confidence to open my own practice.”  ~ Entrepreneur

“As a consultant working in the field of marketing communications, you would assume networking and marketing my own business would be natural for me.  Not so, and I was embarrassed to ask for help until a client recommended that I call Colette.  From the first conversation through to the end of our sessions, Colette put me at ease and made the experience fun and very rewarding.  Our sessions together were well organized and productive and her practical advice was invaluable. It was a great experience. I would highly recommend her personal coaching services to anyone who wants to improve their business skills.” ~ Consultant

“I found Colette’s support and experience made me more confident.”  ~ Manager

Colette's approach is unique in that she offers a holistic approach, not simply a "career coach".  By looking at the big picture first, she guides you to define your path to be successful on your terms. Colette was great at providing best practices and goal setting techniques, theory and measurements but what I especially enjoyed was that I had to do all the work!  Making me focus on my business from a present and future perspective put me in the driver's seat!” ~ Financial Planner

Colette’s insight brings clarity to any situation. Her business coaching has made a huge difference in my online presence. ~ Creative Director

“Colette’s Networking Boot Camp was professional and polished, while her personal stories and antidotes made it easy for us to relate to her. She was very down to earth- a real person who we could identify with so it was easy to learn from her. Her genuine personality and ability to engage the group allowed us to learn new skills and gave us some new and practical ideas to try out.  I would highly recommend this presentation to people at all levels, especially younger staff.  Her sense of humour will keep you entertained, while her material will be useful to reduce stress and get you thinking about what you need to do prior to that next big event to ensure success.” ~Partner Professional Services Firm

"Working with Colette is enjoyable, educational and inspiring! I highly recommend her to help with just about anything - to motivate, organize and get real results!" ~ VP

“She is a leader, a mentor, an innovator and an authentic entrepreneur. I am continuously ‘wowed’ by her intuitive ability, her sincerity, her genuine interest in people and creative ingenuity.” ~ Public Affairs Manager

“I'm thankful to have found such a wonderful mentor who has helped me grow professionally!” ~ Consultant

“Colette does her homework, so she knows exactly what you are striving to accomplish and quickly comes up with the best strategies.  Not only is she creative and easy-going, she provides 100% of her attention and focus. Colette is patient and calm under any sort of situation and a delight to work with.” ~ Company  Director

“It was a pleasure working with Colette. She is seasoned professional, who through a systematic analysis of my work and lifestyle habits, allowed me to get rid of the “clutter” and concentrate on my core business. It gave me a new perspective on how proper organization can increase productivity without creating additional work.  Her gracious, yet entertaining nature led me to a more efficient working environment and inevitably a more productive lifestyle.” ~ Regional Manager Financial Services

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