Find Space in Your Home: Small Spaces Need Big Ideas

No matter what size house you live in most people today are looking for creative ways to sort, store and display their stuff.

This interactive session will encourage participants to be actively involved through creative and insightful exercises.  Attendees will learn to better utilize the space they have in every room of their house.  Participants will leave with tips, tools and techniques to create a home space that really works for them and their family. You will be able to keep the things you truly love and that are working for you and easily discard those things that don’t.

Whether your home is so cluttered that every nook and cranny is filled with items, or you are content with the square footage you already have, everyone will find ways to eliminate trouble areas and create an environment that is functional and fulfilling.

Don’t buy another storage container, shelf or rent another storage unit until you have taken this workshop.  It's time to reclaim the space in your home. Improve the appearance of your living areas by getting better organized! Save time and energy.

Enjoy your life more by doing the things you really want to do.

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