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We approach social media from the business side, not the tech side, so our hands-on training is easy to follow – even for the least “techy” person. And we offer advanced training for the more seasoned social media user as well.

We have several practical solutions to help individuals and businesses with their digital presence. 

Our Training Wheels series is for beginners. If you’re a newbie or a ‘never have’ now is the time. Our gentle approach to training with plenty of ‘real world’ anecdotes and examples is the perfect way to lean into social media.

The Means Business series is for people and businesses who have started using a social media platform, but know they aren’t maximizing their social media presence and are missing out on key opportunities to connect.

Our Start Up Tool Kit gets us to get you going. We’ll do the heavy lifting. This is package is perfect for small business entrepreneurs.

Content Curation is for those looking for the best and easiest time saving ways to make a targeted impression. Time poor? We can do it for you.

Strategic Plan and Implementation. Our professional organizing skills will help you make social media work in your day with your resources. Time saving cheat sheets, templates and tips will make your plan become a reality. We will coach you and create accountability so you can take your social media marketing to the next level.

Our free social media audit will help you find the package that’s right for you. Contact us today to schedule at (902) 478-2280 or info@coletterobicheau.com

Realize Your Full Potential

Master the skills you need to accomplish your goals.  Establish new behaviours to help break through old patterns limiting your effectiveness, job satisfaction, and career growth.

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Build your Business

Grow and flourish. Create a strategy and singular focus to increase productivity and sales, establish and nuture your customer base and keep your employees happy. 

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Declutter Your Mind

And your spaces. We help people find clarity, build their confidence and courage to make minor to crucial decisions that impact how they live and work. 

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