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Networking for Net Worth

In today’s competitive environment networking is an underused tool that when cultivated can keep you informed, increase profits, find the perfect employee, develop relationships and much more.

Part art, part science, good networking skills are not something you were born with. Networking for Net Worth offers an informal and entertaining way to discover these essential skills and a practical approach to make them part of your daily professional and personal lives.

Distinguish yourself from the competition by learning the ultimate business tool - Networking.

The program is designed to build better relationship development skills both externally with clients, professional, volunteer and social communities and internally within your own organization.

You will learn:

  • The skills and science of networking
  • The art of the handshake
  • How to remember names
  • How to make proper introductions
  • Tips for working a room
  • How to promote conversation
  • Business entertaining
  • Silverware savvy
  • Ways to keep in touch

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