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LinkedIn Means Business

Classes are also available for companies, conferences and individually. Talk to us today to find out which option is right for you.

LinkedIn Means Business will take you past the set-up phase, and show you how to use LinkedIn to its full potential.

This is a business focused workshop. Invest in your career today for only - $99 plus tax. Connect today to reserve your seat* at (902) 478-2280 or  info@coletterobicheau.com. Who Should Take This Class? Only you are responsible for your social media and online brand.

This class is designed for those who want to improve their online reputation, have used LinkedIn before, but know they could get so much more out of it. Size does not matter - solo entrepreneur, CEO, employee – all will professionally benefit from this workshop.

It’s been said that we are living in a “connection economy” meaning we do business with people not companies. And every employee is a brand ambassador.  Want to stay employable over 50? Get social - social media that is. You will look younger, current and up-to-date in your field with a professional online presence. A great platform for you to stand out as an expert in your field, LinkedIn is a searchable database of talent.

Under 50?  Grow your connections and relationships with a business minded focus and intention. Be job ready at all times.

Leverage your LinkedIn influence to create revenue - don’t let business opportunities pass you by! Millions of professionals, from all sectors, understand the power and priority of making LinkedIn their marketing tool of choice.

  • Learn how to adjust  settings to better work for your needs
  • Find out about the benefits of LinkedIn Groups - prospecting, education, branding
  • Support organizational and personal objectives
  • Show instead of tell someone you are an expert
  • Gather competitive intelligence on people and companies
  • Create your own sales team through connections 24/7
  • Showcase skills, talents, volunteer contributions, publications and projects 
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Make yourself job ready and findable
  • Attract new employees, clients and customers
  • Maintain relationships and stay top of mind
  • Generate prospects and leads for new business
  • Connect with existing customers and get referrals and endorsements
  • Provide an ongoing reference check with endorsements and recommendations specific to job roles
  • Improve your supplier relationships
  • Optimize for best Google search results for you and your brand
  • Improve your visibility, connections and revenue
  • Leverage powerful tools to find the people you want
  • Learn and share with members of your network
  • Showcase your portfolio of work with images and video
  • Find and connect with members of your off-line network
  • Use as a free mini Contact Management System (CRM) and online Rolodex
  • Re-connect and keep current with past classmates and colleagues
  • Find volunteers and donors
  • Increase  face to face networking effectiveness
  • Use as a perfect start to an offline conversation
  • Find collaborators and strategic partners
  • Make first time meetings easier by recognizing people by their LinkedIn photo
  • Improve and increase branding and marketing
  • Help others in your network to grow professionally
  • Use as your personal website and blog
  • Stay up to date with global research and events in your sector
  • Generate followers for other social media platforms
  • Notify targeted groups of upcoming products launches, events and initiatives

This is low-cost marketing with a very high ROI. Whether you are part of a large company, or a solo entrepreneur, you can no longer afford not to be using this tool to your greatest advantage.

Function – From profile to prospecting and how to attract and engage clients Brand Building -Become the trusted expert in your field Strategy – What’s right for your company and how to find time and resources to implement these ideas

This is a business focused workshop. Invest in your career today for only - $99 plus tax. Connect today to reserve your seat* at (902) 478-2280 or  info@coletterobicheau.com.

Register today for this in-person, hands-on, interactive, small group training located in the Organize Anything office on the Halifax Peninsula. Call with credit card payment to confirm registration 902-478-2280 Your place is not confirmed without payment.

What People are Saying About LinkedIn Means Business

“This hands on training session was very well facilitated by Colette Robicheau, she made it seem very simple and straight forward. Loved the session!”

“Colette is a personable and engaging presenter who makes the subject matter directly applicable to your business. At the end of the session, she will challenge you to identify what knowledge you gained, how you will apply it, and as the consummate time manager, she will ask you to identify a timeline.”

“The LinkedIn Means Business Training opened my eyes to a world of possibility through LinkedIn.”

“I was amazed by the information she gave us.”

"Colette has helped me enter the 21st century. Having attended her LinkedIn Means Business training she has educated me and reformed my opinion on social media. Her advice and guidance has been invaluable."

”The 'LinkedIn Means Business' seminar made me realize what a valuable tool this medium is. This seems to be a wonderful, FREE way to expand business possibilities and grow one of the most valuable components to success in business...reputation. Colette helped to clearly demonstrate how easy this can be to navigate. This knowledge will be a great tool for me and I appreciate how the course has taken away the intimidation factor of this new platform.”

"The LinkedIn Means Business Training seminar taught by Colette Robicheau of Organize Anything is simple, efficient and effective."

“I have taken the LinkedIn Means Business Training and found it extremely helpful. I did not realize how much I did not know.”

“I found your training session very informative & easy to follow. There is so much business passed back & forth from this site.”

About Your Facilitator

Colette Robicheau does not consider herself a social media guru. She is an entrepreneur who understands the value of social media platforms and the high ROI it delivers. She also understands that it takes more than saying it’s a good idea to get busy professionals and business owners to engage. Unlike other techie experts Colette works with the “who, how and when” of social media. Her clients are busy and results and profits oriented. “They don’t want more friends.”

Colette spent years in advertising, has a degree in Public Relations and works as a Business Development Coach and Professional Organizer. She has assisted hundreds of companies get organized so they get the things they want to do done. She also helps them find ways to get the things they don’t want to do, done...

She is the first Certified Professional Organizer and Master Trainer in Chronic Disorganization in Canada.

“If you only have a hammer in your tool box that‘s all you will use.” Colette has had 2 successful businesses of her own in the last 14 years and her tool box is brimming with education and experience.

“As a speaker I talk about how to do things. As a trainer I let people experience and reflect on how to do things. As a consultant I direct my client on best practices and ways to do things. As a coach I facilitate my clients figuring things out on their own. And as a Professional Organizer I take their hand and help them, or sometimes I just do it for them or find the resources to get something done.”

Find Colette on the following Social Media Platforms Colette Robicheau LinkedIn –  Organize Anything LinkedIn Twitter WordPress YouTube Pinterest

NOTE: I am not an employee of the LinkedIn Corporation. I am an independent LinkedIn specialist and coach. I work with no contractual agreement, endorsement or certification by the LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn®, the LinkedIn logo, the IN logo and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation and its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.

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